What's God's View On Healing?

Discover 14 statements from F.F. Bosworth's book called Christ The Healer on God's perspective for your healing. All are directly based on the Gospel

14 Statements Revealing God’s Views on Healing

(From F.F. Bosworth’s Christ The Healer)

  1. His redemptive name: Jehovah-Rapha

  2. He promised to continue to augment his healing ministry in answer to the prayers of believers while He is at the right hand of God

  3. His fulfillment of the above promise, recorded in the book of Acts

  4. Healing is a part of the Gospel that Christ commanded to be preached to all the world, all nations, every creature, throughout even unto the end of the present world age

  5. His crucifixion at Calvary was not only for his followers at the time that he was on the earth, but also on behalf of all those who live on earth while he’s currently at the right hand of the Father

  6. The clear command to any sick in the church while he is with the Father to ask for anointing and prayer with the promise that the Lord shall raise him up

  7. It was after his Exaltation to the right hand of the Father that he set in the church, teachers, miracles, gifts of helpings and so forth for the continuance of the same works and greater works that he promised he would continue from God’s right hand

  8. Since his Exaltation to the Father, his compassion has neither been withdrawn nor modified

  9. In the Old Testament year of Jubilee which Jesus applied to the Gospel era, the blessings were for everyone

  10. He has redeemed all of us from the curse of the law

  11. The Holy Spirit and his work in us is the earnest guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession. In other words, immortal life touching our mortal bodies enables us finish our course

  12. Nature everywhere is doing its best to heal, as soon as the disease enters our bodies, nature begins to expel anything that opposes its life

  13. The son of God, Jesus, came to earth as a man so he could destroy the works of the devil

  14. The very meaning of the word salvation is deliverance, preservation, healing, health, and soundness

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