The Miracle of Pregnancy & The Enemy's Attack On The Gift Of Life

God's original plan for creation was for us to "be fruitful and multiply." The enemy will always try to steal, kill, or destroy what God created for good & one of his main tactics today is fertility. This is not something we'd typically post on, but it's something we felt God's heart on recently, so wanted to make sure we address, so women can step into freedom here.

We’ve noticed an unusual amount of posts on infertility lately & we think it’s something important to address.

There can be many reasons for infertility but as much as we will try to solve the issue physically, ultimately we believe it’s one of Satan’s targets, especially today.

In Acts 2:17, God says that in the last days He will pour out his Spirit on everybody and cause sons and daughters to prophesy and young men to see visions.

Between the debates on abortion, LGBTQ, GMOs, population control, and COVID vaccines 💉 it’s quite evident that the enemy is trying hard from all angles to influence humans to reject the covenant God first put in place with us back in Genesis when he commissioned us to “BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY.”

Regardless of all of this - NOTHING is impossible with God, so we want to encourage anyone currently dealing with infertility to not give up!

We have seen God do some amazing miracles and this is just the beginning of his outpouring and another Great Awakening of our world.

Acts 2 continues to say that God will reveal many mighty miracles on the earth in the last days...

We believe in miracles because we’ve seen them ourselves! But even if we had never seen 1 miracle, we would still believe because it’s God’s word! So take Him at His word today!

If you need a miracle, ask Jesus. He’s waiting to do it for you. 🙌🏼✨🤍


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